| Warsztaty kulinarne | Live cooking | Catering

| Warsztaty kulinarne | Live cooking | Catering


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It has been creating accidentally a few years ago – as a reaction of a person who loves eating, cooking, talking and talking about it. The page functioned in a similar way – as a confession of a young culinary blogger. Nowadays, it is a website ran by an experienced chef, where you can take a look both for fancy culinary inspiration during cooking delicious food as well as polish hunter's stew called “bigos”. I believe that Polish cuisine has immense potential, so that is why I promote it by creating dishes incl. on the basis of well-known tubers.

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I run classes that enable familiarizing with the basics of healthy eating rules thanks to lessons of self-preparation vegetarian, vegan and raw food meals, as well as food for people with allergies and lactose or gluten intolerance. Classes are a great alternative to business meetings or as hen parties attractions. As an entertainer chef – with whom you cook extraordinary dishes – I am willing to give you many culinary titbits and finally you will be able to eat delicious food.

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I also cook on comission, in front of the wider audience – during festivals, open events or activities in shopping malls. I've cooked with such people as Zosia Ślotała, Anna Starmach, Pascal Brodnicki, Ewa Wachowicz or Dorota Gardias. In May current year in Kalisz, I was cooking with Pascal on the stage for the inhabitants of this city during the Festival of Cuisine and Travel. Anna Starmach, on the other way, was a leader of jury of the culinary competition which I won two years ago.

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Periodic action assumes exchaning vegan dishes prepared by participants. During every event there was a collection of money due to which we were able to support the charity foundation Bread of Life supporting for example the treatment of children with cancer. Each of this action had one more purpose – promoting the style of cooking wihtout using meat, sea fruit or even products of animal origin. The campaign was supported by Wojciech Bogusławski Theatre in Kalisz where we had the opportunity to meet in.

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You can follow me on facebook or instagram. I publish the current inspirations, write about the dishes I want to boast, share reviews (less or more flattering) of gastronomic places we have been able to visit or simply – show pics of breathtaking views that I encounter during another culinary journey.

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I cook on commision, serving both larger events (incl. Weddings) and serving balanced vegetarian and vegan meals to single customers. I'm flexible – just contact me to set up an individual menu and I'll take care of preparing it. Additionally, I serve during such events as hen parties.

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Exploration of new flavors and inspirations led me to Malta where I met and learned how to bake bread of ftira, I discovered the taste of real pizza in Italy and in the process of creating pad thai, tom yum or mango sticky rice I participated in Thailand under the guidance of experienced chefs. I promote vegetarian and vegan cuisine because I believe that it has great, not only, tasteful potential. Every diet affects our mood or appearance. The one that has been cleverly composed brings additional health benefits.

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I regularly cook during culinary events throughout the country. However, if I do not cook in your city, you are most likely to find me among the Warsaw crew of the “Polish Your Cooking” school where we train from recipies coming from all over the world or in the "Kapitalna" restaurant in Jastarnia. There, in the special for me Hel Penisula, we serve delicious meals, especially vegetarian and vegan.