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| Warsztaty kulinarne | Live cooking | Catering


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“The Academy of conscious eating by Pichconko.pl enables as many people as possible to become acquainted with the basics of healthy eating through lessons of self-preparation of vegetarians, vegan, raw food meals, meals for people with allergies and lactose and gluten intolerance. Introductory lessons conducted by Ewelina Brodnicka – the proffesional teacher, chef, blogger and culinary journalist, will improve your knowledge of healthy eating and eventually will be followed by group cooking and delicious dinner.

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The schedule of course involves lectures on the subject of vegetarian and vegan cooking. We predict seven meetings in different schools and establishments. 20 children can participate in each of them so the total number of 140 children will be tought how to cook in delicious, fast, cheap and healthy way – without using unhealthy semi-finished products. Children will be cooking on their own according to the instructions. The project was co-financed by the Civic Initiatives Fund within The Competition of Microgrant of the Great Poland “Wiara 2017” and it is coordinated by Association of the Center for Promotion and Development of Civic Initiatives “PISOP”. This
European Union grant enables for instance buying essential equipment for cooking as well as food products what means that each of seven meetings will be completely free for choosen establishment

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